Tech makers


A company working in the field of advertising, and keeping abreast of developments and challenges in the field of digital media and information technology through print and visual means, which insure wider and faster spread. The company provides many visual, programming, and marketing services, translation and content writing services, design, decoration and printing, through a group of the best competencies in all areas of work, which helps you as a businessman to focus on your company’s profits and take over the functions of your business.

The basic activity of the company:

Providing integrated and multi-disciplinary services to entrepreneurs, and following up and developing service performance.

Sections of the company and the mission of each department:

Sections of the company and the mission of each department

1. Engineering and decoration.

2. Visuals: (Video Production, Graphic Design, and Games).

3. programming:

  • Games.
  • Mobile : (Android, Ios).
  • Computer : (Desktop, Linux).
  • Websites : (Front End, Back End, wordpress, Hosting).

4. Content writing: (Translation, transcription and publication of words and articles, coordination of publications).

5. E-Marketing: (Social Media, Email, Search Engines).

Tech makers

Information Technology and Media Production

Tech makers